• BDI-81-Autoclave-(Vertical)-Double-Wall

    Autoclave (Vertical) Double Wall BDI-81

    A versatile, electrically heated sterilizer under saturated steam of adjustable pressure of 10 to 20 psi. Double walled construction with boiler & steam jackets made of thick stainless steel. The outer chamber is made out of thick mild steel/Stainless Steel. The lid is made out of thick stainless steel plate (joint less) or gunmetal and can be sealed by a joint less neoprene rubber gasket by wing nuts through hinged bolts by engaging slotted lugs on rim of the cover.

  • Autoclave Laboratory (Portable) BDI-80

    Autoclave Laboratory (Portable) BDI-80

    Suitable for general laboratory use and sterilization. Stainless steel or aluminum vertical body. Pressure range 15 psi to 18 psi. Domed cover can be sealed by joint-less gasket which is clamped to the vessel by wing nuts by hinged bolts which engage slotted lugs on rim of the cover. Provided with dial pressure gauge. Spring loaded safety valve has threaded cap for pressure adjustments. Supplied complete with plug & cord and is suitable to work on 220V AC 50Hz single phase.

  • Autoclave Vertical High-Pressure (Triple Walled) BDI-81A

    Autoclave Vertical High Pressure (Triple walled) BDI-81A

    Most useful for sterilizing the loaded material under a steam pressure of 10 to 20 psi (adjustable). It has inner chamber, steam jacket and outer wall made of S.S. duly argon arc welded. The space between outer wall and steam jacket is filled with high grade glass wool to minimize the temperature loss. The lid is made of thick stainless steel and closed by radial type closing arrangement. Fitted with a gasket made up of neoprene rubber, safety valve. Drain cock, water inlet, water level indicator, steam release valve, pressure gauge, and pedal lifting device and S.S. basket. Supplied complete with cord and plug to work on 220/440 volt A.C. supply. And supplied without dressing bins.

  • Horizontal Autoclave BDI-82Horizontal Autoclave BDI-82

    Horizontal Autoclave BDI-82

    Most ideal for any institute or laboratory doing bulk sterilizing and research work. This autoclave has double walled chamber and a boiler and these are mounted on a heavy duty mild steel stand. The inner made of thick stainless steel sheet and outer chamber is made of stainless steel/ mild steel sheet. Automatic self closing device to prevent opening of the door while the sterilize is in operation. Stainless steel steam generation unit fitted with easily replaceable heating element. Fitted with Pressure control switch. Pressure setting range 10 to 20 psi.