• Precision Rotary Microtome (Lipshaw Type) BDI-91ABDI-91A-Precision-Rotary-Microtome-(Lipshaw-Type)_open

    Precision Rotary Microtome (Lipshaw Type) BDI-91A

    Most elegant and sturdy, latest in the range of Microtomes. Complete with counter balancing wheel, automatic feed mechanism and feed release. Light aluminum cover hinged at back, protects the internal mechanism. Heavy caste base plate fitted with heavy rubber pads to provide better grip. Smooth operation for uniform serial sectioning adjustable from 1 to 50 microns in steps of 1 micron. Feed mechanism is independent of other movements. Supplied complete with one knife, having back and handle in wooden box, 6 block holders, honing plate with abrasive powder, one bottle of lubricating oil and Rexine cover.