Hybridization Incubator BDI-54A

Hybridization incubators, provide defined temperature control, agitation, and consistency throughout the incubator chamber. A hybridization oven is ideal for sterile laboratory testing and where the integrity of the sample must be preserved while heating it to the exact temperature for the right period of time.

Inside made of stainless steel.  Temperature Range is above ambient 5°C to 90°C. The chamber has Air circulating fan to ensure uniformity of temp. A carrier to hold bottles (6 number of 60 mm DIA. x 200 mm Depth) can be easily placed on front of rotator mechanism. Any bottle can be taken out easily from the carrier. The carrier rotates with bottles parallel to the door at a variable speed. Viewing glass window in the specimen inside the chamber. Complete with microprocessor PID digital temperature indicator-cum-controller with PT100 sensor.