Benedict Roth Recording Spirometer

Model NumberModel Detail
PI-359 Benedict Roth Recording SpirometerBenedict Roth Recording Spirometer Cap. 40 Litres with Large face mask.
PI-359A Spirometer Accessoriesa) Spirometer Charts Per Pkt. Of 100 Sheets.

b) Corrugated Flexible Rubber Tube, 1 Meter Long.

c) Mouth Piece Brass Chrome Plated.

d) Spring Adjustable Nose Clip.

e) Spirometer Beaded Chain.

f) Spirometer Bell With Chain.

g) Flutter Valve

h) Face Mask

i) Ink Writing Pen, Complete Unit.

j) Ink Pen Only for BMR set of two.

k) Small KROG Spirometer.

l) Pneumograph Or Stethograph.

m) Modified Sherington Stethograph