Deluxe/Student Projection Microscope

BodyA most durable, sturdy & elegant designed body for utmost convenience to use and to accept several optional accessories as a multipurpose system microscope.Microscope Body is heavy duty, inclined monocular type with sturdy base.
FocusingCoarse and fine focusing system. Coarse focus range 30 mm and fine focusing
reading to 0.002 mm.
Separate coarse and fine focusing knobs and adjustable screw-stop to limit coarse range and to protect slides.
NoseQuadruple nosepiece with super smooth motion and precise click-stop, spell mechanical excellence. All positions are parcentered and parfocalised for perfect optical alignment of the system.Triple revolving nose piece with super smooth motion and precise click-stop.
Mechanical stageWith Co-axial Mechanical Stage low drive control, travel area 75 - 50mm.Plain stage 120 x 120 mm with graduated
Mechanical Stage for X - Y movements of
specimen slide.
ObjectivesAchromatic 5x, 10x, 20x & 40x/45xAchromatic 10x & 40x/45x
Magnification125x to 1000x10x Huygenian
CondenserSub-stage ABBE Condenser of 1.25 NA
focus-able with rack and pinion.
Projection Screen200mm graduated screen, built-in Fresnel
150 mm dia is rotatable through 360°.
IlluminationHalogen illumination system having 12V,
100W Halogen lamp with variable light
Built in light by 6V, 20W halogen lamp with continuously variable light intensity control
PackingComplete microscope packed in export worthy styrofoam case and supplied with dust cover, cleaning cloth, lens cleaning paper & operating manual.
Optional AccessoriesLoop & Pointer 60x Objective Micrometer Slide4” dia Projection Screen
5x or 20x or 60x Objective
Graduated Mechanical Stage
Micrometer Slide