Digital Video Imaging System with Image Analyses Software

  • Real-time full-color image acquisition, archiving & retrieval
  • Image enhancement, comparison, overlay & differencing
  • High precision measurements & measurement statistics
  • Counting & sizing particles, cells, and other discrete objects
  • Time lapsing video sequence capture& analysis
  • Inspection and measurement report generation


BodyAluminum die-cast body, 30° inclined trinocular observation tube, 360° rotatable. Interpupillary distance 55 - 75 mm. Fitted with fungus resistant, anti-reflection coated.
NoseQuadruple reversed nosepiece with super smooth motion and precise click-stop, spell mechanical excellence. All positions are part centered and parfocalised for perfect optical alignment of the system.
FocusingCo-axial coarse and fine focusing on ball drive system for smooth operation and tension adjustment
CondenserExtremely efficient Condenser system NA 1.25 Abbe design for high contrast
Mechanical stage152 x 132 mm double-layer ball bearing mounted guideways. Coaxial mechanical stage with low position right-hand knobs for x-y movement 76 x 50 mm with graduation reading up to 0.1 mm
IlluminationBuilt-in base halogen light source fitted with 6V, 20W Halogen bulbs with variable brightness control. All electrical fittings are as per CE standard
ObjectivesDIN Standard, Hard Anti-Reflection coated Achromatic 4x, 10x, 40x (SL) and 100x (Oil Immersion)
Eye pieceHKWF 10x (FN 20mm), 5x Hyg.
Digital CameraDigital Camera with photo eyepiece & C-Mount Adopter & Software with Accessories.
OptionalLED illumination with the option of battery backup for uninterrupted research and learning. Plan & Semi-Plan objective 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x and Oil-Immersion available.