PI-374 Grip Dyanmometer

Combining the advantageous features of both the Dubois & Mossos’s  Ergographs. Thus the recording unit with the automatic rachet recording system follows the Dubois design ;and the arm rest, finger holders and straps follow the Mosso’s design. complete with one set of 5Kg weights.

PI-374A  Finger Dynamometer

A Strong baseboard, with adjustable elbow stop F, has two uprights fixed at one end carrying the crossbar C. to which is suspended the balance B, with finger strrup A, at the lower end. A cord runs from the balance over two guide pulleys D, to the stylus carrier E, so that when pressure is exerted at A, the carrier is pulled upwards by the cord. The balance is graduated in 1/10 Kg divisions upto 50Kg.