PI-369 Martin Bicycle Ergograph

The cycle Frame is supported by a sturdy metallic frame, from the front of which two uprights ascend and carry a desk and a cross piece which provide for the attachment in from of the tension balances. The back wheel 168cm in circumference and about 22kg in weight carried in its circumference a stout calico the ends of which are at attached to spring balances through two set of adjustable pulleys. An adjustable counter records the revolutions of the wheel. With audio indication of each revolution.

PI-370  Dubois Ergograph

For Recording the work done by a finger, directly on to a millimeter chart. The chart is moved forward one tooth automatically with each pull of the finger, the distance moved being regulated by means of a lever. Complete with one set of 5Kg weights.

PI-371  Mosso’s Ergograph

This is for recording work done on to the drum surface with special arm fixation rests sun-mica topped base board, complete with weight set.

PI-372 Labotech Ergograph

Combined features of Both Dubios & Mosses along with weights.