Fluorescent Research Microscope

Loboscope Fluorescence microscopy quickly booming with its economical test with fast analysis results in comparison to standard culture methods. The fluorescent technique has made it possible to identify cell and cellular components with a high degree of results. Fluorescence Microscope is quite suitable to Life science, Biological science, Medical science, Food, and Dairy products raw & pasteurized mile, Environmental science and more.

  • Excellent fluorescent image with high-resolution fluorescent objectives.
  • Protect the light leak with advanced lamp housing.
  • Perfect image with infinite plan fluorescent objectives.
  • More stable power supply, digital display, and timer
  • Convenient to use, no need warm-up.
  • More fluorescent filters are available for different
BodyAluminum die-cast body, 30°/45° inclined binocular/trinocular observation tube, 360° rotatable. Interpupillary distance 48 - 75 mm. Fitted with fungus resistant, anti-reflection coated prism.
NoseReversed quadruple nosepiece with positive dick stops for precise and smooth alignment of objectives.
FocusingCoaxial coarse and fine focusing on ball drive system for smooth operation.
CondenserAdjustable condensing lens, Iris diaphragm, anti-UV protection screen.
Mechanical stageDouble Layers Mechanical Stage 150 × 135 mm move range 75 x 50 mm.
IlluminationDouble Layers Mechanical Stage 150 × 135 mm move range 75 x 50 mm.
ObjectivesInfinite plan achromatic objective: 4×, 10×, 40×, 100×
Eye pieceWide Field Eyepiece WF 10×/20
Epi-illumination is through a 100 Watt High pressured Mercury Lamp;
Lamp house attached to the Fluorescence filter block.
FiltersTwo Exciting filters B (Blue Ex-490 nm), G (Green Ex-545 nm) Exciting light Filter system, O (Ordinary) Light System.
PackingPacked in shock proof Styrofoam packing inside an attractive and thick plywood storage box.
Optional• Micro-photographic Attachment
• Dark Filed Attachment
• Polarising Attachment
• Four Position filter Assembly
• Image Analysis Software
• Phase Contrast Attachment
• High Pressured Mercury Lamp
• 4 Filters attachment