PI-496 Paper Strip Electrophoresis Apparatus Horizontal Model

It can accommodate 6 paper strips horizontally. Buffer can be saturated very fast in this mechanism. A recessed safety interlock switch breaks the current of both electrodes while the lid of mechanism is uplifted. Both electrode section has capacity of 550ml and each is provided with transverse baffles to minimize. Diffusion of a buffer which is in contact with the ends of paper strip. The polarity of the electrode is indicated by two pilot lamps provided on the front panel. The complete mechanism is fitted with leveling screws of facilitating leveling. The elementary unit consists of anode & cathode reservoir with platinum electrodes, special Glass Lid & Power Cord.

PI-498 Paper Strip Electrophoresis Apparatus Vertical Model

It is a traditional mechanism for general analysis of many samples in clinical laboratories. 6 paper strip can be placed at the required height. Agar or agarose gel can also be run in micro slides. 150 + 150ml buffer required to run the sample.