Polarising Research Microscope

BodyAluminum die-cast body, 45° inclined Trinoicular/Monocular/Binocular observation tube, 360° rotatable. Interpupillary distance 55 - 75 mm. Fitted with fungus resistant, anti-reflection coated prism.
Polarization HeadAnalyser is fitted in a slider and is located under the head with Bertrand Lens (conoscopic observation), Gypsum λ (full wavelength) Compensator, Mica λ/4 (quarter-wave) Compensator.
NoseQuadruple nosepiece reversed type with super smooth motion and precise click-stop, spell mechanical
excellence. All positions are parcentered and parfocalised for perfect optical alignment of system.
FocusingExtremely efficient Condenser system, NA 1.25 ABBE design for high contrast focus-able with rack and pinion.
CondenserSub-stage ABBE Condenser of 1.25 NA, focus-able with rack and pinion.
Mechanical stage135 mm round metal stage with two clamps. Vernier with Allen screw. rotatable through 360° and has 1° graduations.
IlluminationA built in base halogen light source fitted with 6V, 20W Halogen bulbs with variable brightness control.All electrical fittings are as per CE standard.
ObjectivesDIN Standard, Hard Anti-Reflection coated, Achromatic P4/5x P10x, P40/45x (SL)
Eye pieceHKWF 10x (FN 18mm) with Ocular eyepieces & 5x Hyg with Cross lined
OptionalDigital Camera/CCD Camera with software & Photo Eyepieces with C mount Adopter, LED illumination with the option of battery backup for uninterrupted research and learning.
PackingPacked in shock proof Styrofoam packing inside an attractive and thick plywood storage box. Supplied with working manual, Dust Cover, cleaning cloth & lens cleaning paper.