Computerised Polygraph covering following lessons in ON LINE and OFF LINE mode

Computerised Polygraph covering following lessons in ON LINE and OFF LINE mode having following features

  • RR Analysis
  • Merging of waves
  • Integration of Waves
  • Patient Database information
  • Four Channel Modern Polygraph
  • Real Time data storage & review facilities
  • Experiments on Animal & Human facilities
  • Experiments on Animal & Human subjects
  • Frequency, time & Voltage Marking on individual channel
  • Isomertric Force
  • Phono Cardiogram
  • Volumetric Changes
  • Respiration & Temperature
  • Invasive & Non invasive BP
  • ECG, EEG, EMG, ENG, GSR etc.
  • Plethysomograph (Pulse, Heart Rate etc.)
 PI-364 - Polygraph with 4-Channel
PI-365 - Polygraph with 6-Channel
PI-366 - Polygraph with 8-Channel
PI-367 - Polygraph with 16-Channel
System Comprises ofQty.
i)4/6/8/16 Ultimate hardware unit 1 (4/6/8/16 Channels digital data acquisition system having provision to record independently EEG, EMG, EOG, GSR respiration, Pulse, BP, Volume, Force etc. with sampling rate 1024 samples/sec).1
ii)PHYSIOPAC (PC-2004) Ultimate Software on CD1
iii)Serial cable1
iv)Main cable1
v)Earthing cord1
vi)3 Pin Junction Box1
vii) 5 Pin Junction Box1
viii)EEG/EMG Electrodes15
ix)ECG Limb Electrodes4
x) ECG Chest Electrode1
xi)Pulse Transducer1
xii)Respiration Transducer (Thermister Type)1
xiii)Respiration Belt (Stethograph Type)1
xiv)Phono Cardiogramme Transducer1
xv)EEG Paste1 Jar, 250gm
xvi)Electrode Jel 1 Tube, 250gm
xvii)Internal temp. Prob.1
xviii)Skin Temperature Transducer1
xix)Blood Pressure Cuff1
xx)Pressure Transducer1
xxi) Muscle Activity/Force Transducers1